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Energy deregulation creates a plethora of options in choosing your provider. The good news is, energy providers are exposed to the free market and have to be more competitive to gain your business, and there’s a much greater chance that a plan exists that best suits your needs.

The bad news is that finding the cheapest electric company for your business is a major undertaking. Not only are there many electric companies available to choose from, you also have to choose between at least two payment plan options while sorting out all the details yourself. That means there are hundreds of different plans available for you to compare, vet, and select.

When you consider the fact that these electric companies do not have transparent rates, and that their primary advertised pricing plans are for highest use/lowest cost per unit if energy- the confusion can be overwhelming. What’s worse, these providers often bury the real costs of their plans in a great deal of confusing technical language and regulatory rhetoric- often leaving out hidden costs like the tax burden that will be imposed on each and every monthly bill you pay.

When you choose Voltstreet , we make it easy for you to find and select the cheapest electric company for you. We will provide you with an easy to read and understand list of all the available electricity providers with a simple breakdown of the plans they offer. With each item on our list, you will see which company and which plan is best suited to your specific power usage levels and energy needs.

If you’re running a large or small business, you don’t want to buy into a payment scheme that does not match your energy usage needs. You want the plan that gives you the best price for the power you use with no hidden fees.

We present all the hidden fees to you up front in plain terms- including service fees, connection and disconnection fees, anything that might be unexpected, and the taxes you will pay on the electricity and services you buy.

Here at Voltstreet , we are looking out for your best interest. Our goal is to make the electric companies compete for your business on fair and upfront terms with no sleight of hand and no surprises.

With Voltstreet , you get the plan you need, and nothing you don’t for the best value for your money, guaranteed. Call Voltstreet today to learn more about how we can help you get the best plan out there at the best rates.

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