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How Voltstreet Helps Their Clients Lower Energy Costs

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Voltstreet Energy Advisors is an energy consulting, management and procurement firm based in Houston. We have a team of experts who have a combined 30 years of experience working with the top-tier energy brokerages and providers in the area. Our mission is to educate our clients and to eliminate the inefficiencies in the energy system to help them save money.

There are four essential services that we provide to energy consumers and industry partners. Below are details on what Voltstreet can do for you: 

Electricity Procurement

Voltstreet Energy Advisors handles the procurement cycle for people that want to benefit from electricity rate comparison services. Evaluating the environment and precisely comparing competing offers is important to the process of energy procurement.

Our company provides unmatched focus on the details of pricing structures, proposals and contracts to ensure that clients get the best value out of their procurement strategy. This process is also intended to minimize the potential for unexpected costs after the contract has been executed.

Voltstreet maintains excellent relationships with leading suppliers of electricity and natural gas in North America. The insight that we have into their operations gives us major advantages over other firms.

Energy Risk Management

Voltstreet gives added value to our clients by building a comprehensive energy risk management strategy that can be applied to the changing market conditions, supplier behaviors, and regulatory structures. Our teams work alongside our clients to establish achievable energy goals that mesh seamlessly with their risk tolerance, budget constraints, and business objectives.

After that, Voltstreet will assist clients in implementing this detailed energy management strategy, doing performance benchmarks against established goals and adjusting the strategy when market conditions change.

Electricity Provider Support Services

The company also serves as an in-house energy management team on behalf of their clients. This includes support for numerous daily business needs ranging from coordinating hardware installations to energy report preparations for internal purposes. Voltstreet also provides online invoice support to make sure all supplier invoices are complying with executed contracts.

The company assesses and investigates any non-agreed upon expenses and proactively moves to a cordial resolution to guarantee our client’s facilities are charged accurately according to the terms of the energy supply contract.

Throughout the term of an energy supply contract, there are constant changes to a client’s business, and that is why Voltstreet works to ensure that all supply contracts remain in-line with the changing needs.

Strategic Energy Services for Businesses

Besides procurement related services and energy risk management, the company also works with other firms to evaluate business development opportunities within the energy industry.

The teams at Voltstreet have diverse backgrounds. This gives us a unique position to add value by offering analysis of investments in energy technology together with any business development opportunities in the energy sector.

By performing ongoing research, Voltstreet combines extensive proprietary market data with technical knowledge of the wholesale and retail markets to develop a robust financial model. This model has forecasting capabilities and metrics like avoided costs and payback horizons, wholesale power purchase agreement valuations and revenues associated with renewable energy credits.

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