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Data Collection and Analysis

  • Gather client facility lists, including supplier information, account numbers, and service addresses
  • Gather historical load data for each site.
  • Collect current contracts.
  • Determine whether Client has a preferred supplier.
  • Analyze and complete any missing or questionable load data, including identification of demand ratchet and power factor penalty charges.
  • Prepare data for distribution to suppliers.
  • Master Account List.
  • Use Type.
  • Historical Data Collection.
  • Aggregated Load Shape Analysis.
  • Interval Data Analysis.
  • Data Cleanup.
  • Identify demand ratchets, PF, other TDSP issues.
  • Current contract expiration dates by meter.

Strategy Assessment and Development

Assess the short term and long term goals of client. Assess market conditions and develop strategy consistent with Client goals. Determine market liquidity and pricing environment. Analyze various pricing structures and product mixes relative to Client goals. Gain consensus from Client on hedging strategy if applicable. Assist Client with the development of contract terms that provide operational and incremental purchasing flexibility.


Present pricing options to Client relative to strategy. Prepare electricity Request for Proposals (RFP’s) and distribute to qualified suppliers. Include Client in group buying pools organized and managed by PPM if applicable. Provide consistency in communicating RFP questions and answers to all participating suppliers. Provide evaluation and analysis of all supplier bids and present findings to Client. Negotiate terms and conditions with appropriate supplier(s).

Contract Management

Monitor and verify accurate and timely switches of accounts to new supplier. Review supplier invoices to determine consistency with contract terms. Manage the addition and or deletion of Client accounts from supplier contract. Provide Client with Mark-to-Market valuations of supply contracts in the event of a property disposition and or acquisition of a new property. Assist Client with supplier issue resolution. Provide Client with estimated annual budgets and or ongoing performance metrics as needed.